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Copyright and are services from Chamid Media.
© Copyright Chamid Media 2001-2006.
All rights reserved.

Chamid Media cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by:
errors on sending ringtones/logos/wallpapers/picture messages/screensavers, when the instructions aren't followed correctly;
sending ringtones/logos/wallpapers/picture messages/screensavers to phones that are unsupported;
losing authorisation codes.
In case of errors on sending ringtones/logos/picture messages/screensavers which aren't caused by not following the instructions, Chamid Media will resend the ordered item at no cost. It is not possible to get a refund.

Several pieces of our content are delivered by third parties. Chamid Media accepts no responsibility for this content. This includes copyright on the content delivered by third parties. If you happen to find content that doesn't belong here, we will immediately remove this on request.

In case you decide to use our services, like downloading ringtones or sending items, you agree to the disclaimer.

The hotlines in different countries are available in different languages: Netherlands: Dutch
Belgium: Dutch, French
Germany: German
UK: English

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